Antony Turner

Watch Me Work: Antony Turner - Ombré Brows

Antony Turner

Watch Me Work: Antony Turner - Ombré Brows

Your front-row seat to mastery. This video from Watch Me Work on The Collective focuses on soft, ombré brows taught by Master Artist, Antony Turner. Discover his personalized technique in this exclusive online learning experience.

Step into Antony Turner's world as he personally guides you through the intricate art of creating his signature soft, shaded ombré eyebrows from beginning to end. Filmed in stunning 4K resolution with a behind-the-scenes approach, this video allows you to absorb every detail of the process from start to finish as if you were in the studio alongside him.

Watch Me Work is a convenient, virtual alternative to in-person shadowing. Each video presents unique challenges, showcasing before, after, and healed results, empowering you to tackle similar cases confidently.

Discover Antony's secrets for soft, shaded ombré brows and elevate your craft from the comfort of your home.

Recommended for artists of all levels. 

Video highlights:

  • Brow mapping
  • Initial transfer of outline into skin
  • Achieving a light imprint
  • Reinforcing with a full pass
  • Adding dimension
  • Photo tips
  • & more!

This demonstration is not meant to replace fundamental, in-person training.

Antony features the following products:

Watch Me Work delivers a step-by-step walkthrough of a PMU procedure - just like a virtual shadowing session! Antony Turner is a multi-award-winning PMU artist and instructor based in the UK. Passionate about the life-changing power permanent makeup can offer, his ombré brow technique has been highly sought-after by artists of all levels. Discover Antony Turner’s detailed recipe for your softest ombré brows yet!

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