Microblading healing day by day

Brianna Microblading Healing Day By Day

Microblading is changing people’s lives - creating convenience, building confidence, and letting people sleep in longer in the morning - seriously. Having the opportunity to have a microblading procedure took 20 minutes off of my makeup routine every morning. 

But with social media showcasing people’s airbrushed lives, artists and clients tend to showcase perfect, immediately after work, often leaving out the raw experience and the ups and downs that go along with the healing of permanent makeup.

Showing the results just immediately after a procedure is not the same as showing the entire process, and can leave client’s who get the procedure with A TON of questions about their healing process. The procedure itself is only about 10% of the true microblading experience, and the next 30-60 days after are the real deal. 

So for anyone considering a procedure, and for artists who want to show their clients what they can expect during healing, below is the real experience of the healing process for the first month - the good, the bad, and the scabbing.

For a detailed look at my pre and post aftercare instructions as per Tina’s recommendation see our blog post on Prep & Aftercare  and PMU Aftercare 101.

I used the Tina Davies Aftercare Healing Gel  throughout my healing process for days 1-7, you can read more about the Aftercare Healing Gel on our blog here.

Here are my natural eyebrows - pre-microblading:


Brianna Before Microblading Procedure Eyebrows




Day 1, you're excited! You get to go into your artist’s studio with patchy uneven brows, or no brows at all and voila, you come out with legitimate hair strokes that you want to show off to the world, literal #browgoals.


Brianna Before and After Microblading Procedure

Before and Immediately After

They look textured, dense albeit a little bit red, but it’s a world of a difference, you feel like a changed person. Your brows are bold in colour. If you aren’t used to filling them in a lot, they will look slightly more dramatic in appearance than normal, tender, slightly swollen, and you may even experience some slight bleeding. The day you get them done you may be in awe of your fresh set of brows.

If you’re used to filling them in and are used to bolder brows, you may be in love. If not, don’t panic. The permanent makeup has been applied to compensate for fading of 20-40%, so if they look darker than you normally wear your brows, stay calm, the colour will fade over the next week.


Brianna Immediately After Microblading Procedure

Brianna After Microblading Procedure



You will try really hard not to sneeze, because of the multiple tiny paper cut-like wounds on your face, but I had mine done during allergy season, and there’s no avoiding it. Your brows will be reddish, still quite tender, and maybe even a little bit thicker in texture than the day before. You may really notice the difference in your brows and feel like people are looking at them, but chances are you’re more self-conscious about it rather than people noticing them being darker than normal.

At this point, I really loved the way that they looked and was super happy with them. I could still see every hair stroke that was made and the redness for me had subsided a lot. They had not started to form hard thick scabs yet. Day 2 was pretty easy.

Brianna Day 2 After Microblading

DAY 3-4

By Day 3, you shouldn’t notice a huge difference from the previous two days, if anything, the pain and tenderness will start to subside, and the brows will get slightly dark or thicker, but nothing major. At this point, you’ll probably be loving the convenience of getting up and having instant brows without the hassle of having to create them yourself. You’ll likely find yourself daydreaming about beach days with completely waterproof brows, but don’t act on this at LEAST until day 10!



Brianna Day 5 After Microblading Procedure


Day 5 is when things start to change. This can be the turning point in the healing process, where your brows are getting itchy and it is advised to NOT scratch them, as the wound may still be open. A thick layer of scabbing may form, and the fine hair-strokes that were created may be hidden. You may feel like you want to start panicking. RESIST the urge to blow up your artist’s phone firing off questions and accusations alike. You have a wound on your face, therefore your body is trying to repair itself, hence the scabbing. It’s all a part of the healing process, and if you’ve had any other kind of tattoos in the past, it heals very similarly.

Just know that this is totally normal and even if it doesn’t look pretty, you shouldn’t worry, they’re going to be #browgoals again in no time. 


Brianna Day 5 After Microblading Procedure


DAY 5-7

Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 5-7

This is the scary time period when the serious scabbing will start, and begin to peel away from the skin. If you’re anything like me - you will be extremely tempted to pick or peel the scabs. Don’t give in to this temptation, it could affect your healing very negatively. If you pick it, you could lose pigment that was deposited into the skin and could end up with a holey, patchy eyebrow. By gently rinsing the area regularly the scabs will slowly start to fall off - when they’re ready. This phase is definitely the hardest of the process. As a client looking on social media, I haven’t seen anyone talk about or show this side of the microblading healing process. All we see is perfectly fresh strokes, but scabbing? Who knew your entire eyebrow would shed and go through this transformation? It’s so important for clients to know and truly understand the whole process, and really be assured by their artist that what they experience is perfectly normal, and necessary for their eyebrows to heal properly.

At the end, they will have the brows they always wanted.


Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 5-7

Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 5-7

DAY 7-10

Your scabs will probably be all flaked off or flaking off on their own by this point and you’ll start to see the light at the end of the healing tunnel. But because the skin has not completely mended itself back together, there may still be some cause for concern. The colour during these days may seem way too light or even grey and missing in spots. You might feel like your skin didn’t take the pigment, but that’s not the case. They’ll almost look like you’ve filled them in with a powder, so again just remain as calm as possible and begin to start enjoying the fact that your eyebrows are done for you every morning. It’s important to note that at this stage, the wounds should be closed so if you’re feeling self-conscious about the light look of them, you are able to apply some makeup to fill in for the time being.

Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 7-10

Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 7-10


DAY 14-21

Healing is almost complete! YAY! You’re almost there.

Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 14-21

The colour and definition of the hair-strokes will return at this point. The colour is beginning to even out and look more natural and brow-like. People you tell about the procedure won’t even believe that it’s a tattoo. It’s truly amazing. You’ll be settling into your new shortened makeup routine - oh and those waterproof brow beach days? AMAZING!

Brianna After Microblading Procedure Healing Day 14-21


DAY 30

Guess what? Your healing process is complete! Your skin is completely healed and colour is looking great. They should look soft and natural. This is the point where you’ll be able to tell if there is anything you want to add or change, there could be a couple spots from loss of pigment, which is all dependent on how well your skin took the pigment, but this is OKAY because your follow-up appointment should be just around the corner!


Brianna Healed 30 Days Post Microblading Procedure



Healed Results:

Brianna Healed 30 Days Post Microblading Procedure


Brianna Healed 30 Days Post Microblading Procedure


All in all my experience with microblading was amazing! Through the ups and downs of the healing process, I was always assured that everything happening was normal, and was guided on how to take proper care to ensure the best results!

Hopefully, this guide to a typical healing experience is helpful to artists looking to give client's an in-depth look at what they can expect!


You can watch my full experience below:



Touch Up: Tina recommends that a client does not come back for a follow-up microblading procedure until the skin is fully healed, and suggests 3 months after their initial procedure as the optimal time to come back for their follow-up!

Are you waiting for your touch-up appointment and need something to give you a bit more definition until then? Check out how you can use the Pro-Pencil or Skinny Pencil to touch up your brows in the meantime, here.


Fast forward 2 years and here are my results. Flawless!

Brianna Microblading Healed 2 Years Post Procedure



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Healed Results:




I am at day 6, this is my third time getting them done. My first experience was very stressful I had no idea that I would have scabby and patchy eyebrows, I felt so stressed. The first time took 14 days to finish scabbing and itching, then I fell in love with my eyebrows, the second time took only a week. Now Im on day 6, and am healing well, no scabbing so far but Im waiting for it.

Karen March 25, 2021

This post rocks. Day 2! Thank you 😊

Kim July 08, 2020

This is my second time reading over this post :-) I had my initial appointment and they looked amazing for the first 4 days and then everything happened just as you said. Unfortunately my first try did not take :-( but when I went for my follow up she used a darker pigment and did them bigger than last time. I’m at day 5 now and most of the scabs have fallen off (my skin heals fast) I can see pigment!! I’m very excited to see if it worked this time. She said that she’s only seen one other client where the pigment didn’t stay, and she was able to make it work the second time. She’s been fantastic through this process and I’m hoping this works!!

Angela February 07, 2020

I am only day two and very happy I read this and now know what to expect going forward I can’t wait to see the end results:)

Donna DeGrace January 06, 2020

Perfect timing for me to see this. I am now on my Day 3 post procedure. Now p, I know what to expect. Thanks for the insights.

Nini April 16, 2019

just got mine done today! super excited and came on here to see what i should expect in the coming days and weeks, thanks for your informative post!!

Kylie Geiger April 16, 2019

I am on day 19 and I cannot see any of the microblading; at this point I am very doubtful that mine took and am very disappointed. Is this normal? I was very careful not to get my brows wet and slept on my back every night. I had a few flakes but no scabbing.

Carrie January 04, 2019

I am doing research on microblading, what are the things you need to consider before the procedure? Have you heard of anyone not having the desired effect or having other complications?

Cecilia January 04, 2019

Thank you for this post because it gave me a very realistic view on what to expect for the weeks following having this done.
I am on day 5 now and just as you stated, my brows are getting itchy (annoyingly so) and they feel rough to the touch (scabbing, but it’s not noticeable to look at them). The healing ointment I was given to take home definitely helps and Keri (who did my brows) said I could use it as often as I like throughout the day. I’m going back for my touch-up session after only 30 days, so I think maybe that might be too soon..? I hope the healing from the touch-up is less time, and less aggravating, then the initial session.

Kim L Spearman December 11, 2018

Thank you for this honest post and the reality of the healing process. I have been waiting and waiting and today is the day of my appointment!

Michelle Vienneau August 20, 2018

Thank u soo much!! I just got mine done yesterday and was having big time anxiety with them going dark and full 😊thanks for calming me down

Crystal August 09, 2018

Loved knowing what to expect with my own healing process – I have referred back to this page several times during the last couple weeks. It certainly helps with the anxiety of it all! Thank you for the information!

M March 16, 2018

Thank you for this information. I just had my brows done and the info helped explain each stage of healing.

Karen January 29, 2018

This was so informative! Thanks for an outstanding post, this will make my decision process even easier now.

Melissa November 17, 2017

They look amazing!

Mine have healed so nicely and I am SO pleased with the results!

April November 16, 2017

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