Recap: The New York Tattoo Show

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Top Insights, Takeaways, and Favorite Moments from the New York Tattoo Show!

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege to be able to attend and present at United Ink’s New York Tattoo Show.


Permanent makeup and body tattooing came together under one roof to celebrate the art of transforming people’s bodies with indelible ink that leaves mementos  and has various deep personal meanings for all who wear the art- being it a full sleeve, areola tattoo, or a set of eyebrows.



@ad_pancho in action

Here’s my recap on the New York Tattoo Show:

  • These artists are insanely good at what they do

  • Something that never ceases to blow me away at every tattoo convention is how insanely talented tattoo artists are to do what they do everyday. Not only do they have to be incredible artists, but to know and work with skin the way they do is an art form in itself.  It is not uncommon for them to sit for stretches of 6-8 hours at a time in order bringing their clients’ vision to life.  Not only do they rely on their years of basic art fundamentals and color theory,  they are master of bringing 3-D realism to the skin.

    Amazing iguana by @sandradaukshtatattoo

    I truly believe all forms of tattooing are art forms - from creating a beautiful set of brows to give someone with alopecia their confidence back to a beautiful portrait tattoo of someone’s lost loved one, there is no doubt that tattooing is art in it’s purest form. Every artist I came across was dedicated to creating something truly special for their clients and the artistry I witnessed is something that will always continue to amaze me.  Even more surprising was how humble and equally technical these artists are.  Many of them were so willing to share techniques and totally geek out about the tools of the trade.  If anything, they look hard and tough and the outside with all their ink but were basically super-nerd artists on the inside.

    Amazing art by @ryanashleymalarkey

  • Always come prepared with a plan B!

  • Although I have been doing this for a while now, I know a person can never be too prepared for a presentation, because no matter what, unexpected circumstances can throw a wrench in your plan.  Unfortunately, the setup for my live demonstration during my seminar was not easily viewable for the audience, and I didn’t feel right not providing the best experience that these paying artists deserved. Luckily though, I had come prepared with a 45-minute demonstration video that I had filmed so everyone could see every angle and nook and crannie.  The audience was super-happy and also able to get a private video that they could watch later at home.  Lesson learned-always plan for anything and everything and you’ll never have to worry about being caught off-guard.

  • The tattoo community is one of the nicest and most supportive industries out there

  • Everyone I came across while attending the New York Tattoo Show was extremely nice, helpful, and so supportive!  I met many body artists asking questions about permanent makeup and they were equally intrigued by my process and technique.  They ensured that I felt like apart of the community. There is so much that we as permanent makeup artists can learn from the tattoo community and they are so willing to help and share their vast knowledge with us!

    @jennakerrtattoo with NY Tattoo Show hosts @jackierubino and @tattoolourubino

  • At any event, take in every moment

  • One of the biggest regrets I have about attending the show is that I couldn’t stay longer! The program was very robust and there were so many amazing artists, products and seminars. I will definitely be making a longer trip for the next tattoo show.  Try to catch the next tattoo show in your area as soon as you can for the ultimate skin art experience.


    "Women of Ink" seminar with Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand, Sarah Miller, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Lydia Bruno, Kristel Oreto


  • Our standards in permanent makeup and microblading need some help

  • Watching these tattoo artists work is amazing enough as it is, but when you see firsthand the standards that they hold themselves and each other to, you really see just how professional they are! Just from talking to some artists, we as microblading and PMU artists, could learn so much about raising standards, and why it is so important to have proper training before working on clients. Most tattoo artists have to apprentice for a year before they are even allowed to do the most basic tattoos on a real client! I got the chance to talk to artists about the key differences in our two industries and can’t wait to share the information with you!

  • Permanent Makeup has come a LONG way, but still has so much further to go!

  • For a long time, permanent makeup was not taken seriously in the tattoo world, and is still a very different ballpark from the world of body art. But here I am today in 2017 giving a seminar about microblading at THE New York Tattoo Show. This proves that permanent makeup has come quite a long way as it has continued to evolve and gain mainstream popularity. There is however, still a long way to go. In order to elevate our industry we need to take training more seriously than ever by not accepting weekend training courses as a standard. We need to hold eachother accountable to higher standards of practice and tools, and we have to continue to learn from other industries like body tattooing to ensure the longevity and continued success of this industry.

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    “I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

    - Tina Davies