Facial Masculinization for Trans Male Client

Client - Before Microblading

Eyebrows have the amazing ability to enhance the overall structure of the face, but we don’t often think of microblading as a facial masculinization treatment when it comes to assisting individuals who are transitioning to present as male. In this unique case study, Jonathan Paul, Head Artist & Owner of Perfect Frame based in Los Angeles, examines how we can use cosmetic tattooing to help our client present their gender more comfortably and in alignment with their gender identity and expression.

Jonathan created Perfect Frame with the goal of targeting an untapped market (male brows) and quickly began gaining recognition from his peers for his diverse portfolio in a mostly female-dominated, client-based industry. His attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed in the outside world, working on the likes of the legendary Janet Jackson and the iconic makeup ‘mother’ Pat McGrath, Jonathan has always strived to stand out both personally and with his work.  

Jonathan and his team decided to take their knowledge and package it into the world’s first male-focused microblading course, The #Guybrow, exclusively available on The Collective by Tina Davies.

Keep reading to understand Jonathan’s thought process and approach for his client procedures, applying his knowledge and critical thinking to real-life situations.


 Jonathan Paul & Dimitri Rojas of Perfect Frame


 Before and After Microblading by Jonathan


Client Details/Lifestyle:

“It’s important to note that individuals who are transitioning are often undergoing some form of hormone therapy. Testosterone is among the most common used hormones for individuals transitioning to present as male and is considered a steroid - this can impact the texture of the skin, enhance bleeding, and increase sebum production.”


 Client - Before Microblading


Client Goals:

“My client wanted to reduce his arch and create a more masculine appearance.”


Skin Type:

“My client’s skin type is combination with an oily t-zone. I’ll take extra care with stretching when working towards the center of the face to reduce the risk of blurred strokes ”


Artist/Design Approach:

“Gender expression is the physical expression of one’s gender through clothing, hairstyle, voice, make up, body shape, and in this case - brows. Many transgender people seek to make their gender expression (how they look) match their gender (who they are). By reducing the arch and creating a thicker, straighter brow we’ll be able to enhance the overall masculinity of the face.”


 Client with Pre-Draw Outline


Technique Required:

“Microblading: A lighter hand is key when working on individuals who are undergoing testosterone treatments due to the increased chances of excess bleeding and shift in skin texture. To avoid excess bleeding, tighten your three point stretch and apply less pressure in a steady motion to deposit the pigment evenly and avoid any “tugging” of the skin. The excess trauma from the combination of an improper stretch and heavy hand will likely cause bleeding.”


Plan of Action:

“It’s not always easy to bring up the topic of hormones with a client, but as long as you’re delivering it in a respectful way and in reference to how it may impact their procedure you should have nothing to worry about. I communicated with my client how testosterone often changes the skin texture and sensitivity and I covered all the risks involved in terms of what to expect for his healed result. We decided to space the strokes to ensure they had room to expand and I informed him that I’d be applying much less pressure to avoid bleeding.” 


Needle/Pigment Used:

“I used the Nano U Blade and Tina Davies x Perma Blend Dark Brown.”



18 U Nano


Tina Davies x Perma Blend Dark Brown


Final & Healed Results:

Before and Immediately After Microblading by Jonathan


 10 Weeks Healed


“The skin has a thicker texture so some areas healed lighter than others. Because of this, I went in with additional pressure on the spots that didn’t take as well during the touch-up appointment. As the client was happy with his saturation in the areas that healed intact, I used the same pigment as before.


After Touch-Up


“My client was thrilled with his final results! I recommended that he return for a touch-up every 1-2 years to maintain depth and density.”


Learn More

Liked this case study and want to learn more from Jonathan? The difference between good and great cosmetic tattooing is undetectability – especially with microblading for men.


Microblading by Jonathan

In The #Guybrow, Jonathan Paul walks you through a guided process and shows you what he looks for in an ideal candidate, how he creates the perfect shape, and where he places strokes for the ultimate natural brow. Get introduced to the products he uses and the aftercare process he trusts to keep the brows in their best condition! Jonathan has spent the last 5 years creating some of the best men’s brows in this industry and he can’t wait to help you do the same!


Microblading by Jonathan



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What Students are Saying


Artistic Genius 🙌

“Personality is key when choosing a mentor, but when you combine artistry and personality together, it is so magically dynamic. 

Jonathan’s artistic knowledge is first-class when it comes to microblading. His take is extremely realistic and like nothing I have seen before in the industry after being a student for 2 years now. 

The knowledge in this course is unfathomable and I have already seen a difference in my work. 

The case studies and practice drawings were my favorite part about the course but, not only that, the importance of guest experience and collaboration between you and your client. 

This has been my favorite course to date and can easily be adaptable to both genders. I can’t wait to create more Perfect Frames.” 



📍 Malvern East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia





What You’ll Learn

  • Live Demonstration on a Male Client
  • Choosing your First Male Client
  • What to Look For in a Client
  • Microblading for Men vs Women
  • Consultation & Safety
  • Managing Expectations
  • Creating a Collaborative Process
  • Most Common Male Brow Concerns
  • Tray Setup & Products
  • Pigment Selection
  • The Drop Method
  • Pre-draw & Numbing
  • Intuitive Mapping
  • Creating Balance vs Creating Symmetry
  • Hair-stroke Pre-draw
  • Stroke Variations and Different Grouping Methods
  • Helping your Client Adjust
  • Microblading
  • Aftercare
  • Case Study: Facial Masculinization for Transgender Male Client
  • Case Study: Concentrated Alopecia
  • Case Study: Third Degree Burns
  • Case Study: Unibrow
  • Drawing Exercise Sheets x 6: Alopecia, Arch-Reduction, Asian Brows, Clean Brows, Fitzpatrick 4-5, Mature.
  • Social Media Marketing 101
  • The Psychology of Selling the Procedure
  • Troubleshooting Guide


Multiple camera angles, ultra-HD, close-up demonstration


This course is best for artists that have a minimum of 6 months experience in the field or any artist who wants to learn the technique of microblading for men.

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