Over three years ago, I started a project that took over my life. It also took over my dining room table.

I literally covered the entire table with hundreds upon hundreds of microblading needles and handles that I bought through online suppliers and sources. I was on a quest to find the best tools for microblading. I was already completely hooked on microblading because I LOVED the initial results but I wanted to improve them even more. I knew that in order to create the best results, I had to get my hands on great tools that were reliable, reputable, and could perform every single time. My clients were entrusting me with their face (their most precious asset) and as their artist, it was my job to do my research and due diligence.

A little backstory here — I'd been doing permanent makeup for 12 years when I came across microblading in 2013. I didn't know ANYONE that was doing it. I did SofTap before, but that was completely different. At the time, almost everyone was using a machine. There was no talk of slicing the skin open with needles to tattoo eyebrows. It was unheard of and considered mutilation! But after I watched a demonstration at a PMU conference by a talented artist from China, I was completely FASCINATED.

Immediately after I got home, I did what any sane PMU artist would do: I tried to microblade my husband. Well after he refused, I microbladed pigment onto my own legs and face, waited patiently over the next 5 days for the scab and color to fall off, and was shocked to see that my fine strokes were still there, clean and crisp! That was a game changing and "AH-HA" moment for me. I tried it on my willing clients, tattooing hairstrokes that were literally "flowing" from my hand onto the skin. I was in "permanent eyebrow makeup" love” I finally felt so free to create the hair strokes that I loved - just the way I would draw them on paper. It felt like sketching; so free, so fast, so fluid.

“I finally felt so free to create the hair strokes that I loved.”

So back to my story of testing tools. Products and needles started arriving in a flurry from the DHL guy, (he started to become my friend because he was there almost everyday. Like a little girl on her birthday, I'd open a smashed and taped up junky box with great anticipation, only to be disappointed to find microblades and handles with poor packaging, questionable sterilization and no instructions. I didn't even know where they were from because there was no invoice and no paperwork. I couldn't believe this was the way I had to buy my supplies and I didn't like it. It felt so shady, but I didn't have any other choices.

So the unboxing experience was disappointing but onwards and upwards. Next, I started to compare and test the needles against each other, trying to find the subtle differences between their shape, angle, gauge, material, strength, sharpness, manufacturing source, cost, and packaging. As a long-term experiment, I would microblade my own eyebrows every two months so I could control the aftercare process and monitor everything firsthand. I made detailed notes on spreadsheets and treatment notes. Heck, I would even use a different blade for each side of client's eyebrows so I could compare results on the same skin. (Thank you to my dear clients who've trusted me over the years❤.)

“I would microblade my own eyebrows every two months so I could control the aftercare process and monitor everything firsthand.”

To make a long story short, I found that the needles were inconsistent and sometimes bent, burred, mislabeled, with no proof of acceptable sterilization that I could show my health inspectors. They just weren't acceptable. I was frustrated and felt so let down because I couldn't find good tools to do my art and needless to say, this was super important to me as a professional artist.

Then it occurred to me — the reason why no good tools existed was because none of them were actually designed by the end user-artists! The handles were crafting tools designed for cutting paper and the needles were designed to fit those crafting tools. It didn't feel right to me to have to adapt a crafting tool to apply a tattoo. I also looked at pre-assembled tools but they were even worse with awkward ergonomics, poorly set needles and glue oozing from the connection points. This was so backwards! I was literally just wasting my money. I just couldn't believe that I had to settle for this crap to do my art.

With dogged determination, I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists. My priorities were performance, safety, ergonomics, precision, and quality.

“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

Permanent makeup had been good to me and I wanted to improve the art by building disposable microblading tools that enabled everyone to do their best work. I wanted to create tools that artists could use confidently and that I could be proud of. I've spent the last two years working tirelessly to design, develop, test, retest, re-design, and fine tune our microblades. Anything less than perfect was not acceptable.

To me, being a permanent eyebrow makeup artist is something that I take very seriously. We share a great responsibility for our client's welfare and their results. As the creator of tools that you may use on the clients that trust YOU, I feel even more responsibility. I literally left no stone unturned, focusing on design and safety. Our quality control process ensures that each microblade is carefully inspected under a microscope, individually packaged, and sterilized by EO gas. It will arrive to your door in perfect working condition, ready to use.

“I literally left no stone unturned, focusing on design and safety.”

Our microblades are all-encompassing, bringing you the best in art, engineering, and safety. Just open, use and toss — no assembly required. It's my gift to you, I hope you like it.

My mission has always been to design and build great products to serve our art. Know that the only reason I created the products you find on my site is because I was frustrated (and I know you are too) and am driven to provide the best solution against the struggles we artist come across in our daily work life. From microblades to drawing pencils to sterile kits to aftercare to pigments, rest assured they’re tried and true and will perform EVERY SINGLE TIME

Thank you for reading my long post. I'm so excited to share this with all of you❤❤❤ ...and finally get my dining room table back.