July 16, 2020

Dear Customers, 

We have received some inquiries over the past few days regarding a voluntary recall by an Australian retailer of Perma Blend x Tina Davies I ❤️ INK Eyebrow colours.  We understand your confusion and would like to share a statement released by our partner, and I ❤️ INK manufacturer, Perma Blend. Please read the information below and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.   

From Perma Blend:

Recently, Brow Shop (Australia) released a statement announcing their voluntary recall of two lots of pigments in the Perma Blend X Tina Davies "I ❤️ Ink" Eyebrow Collection. The two colors referenced in the voluntary recall are Grey and Blonde. We would like to clarify that the Australia government has never issued a mandatory recall and has never performed any testing of these products. 

We regret that Brow Shop (Australia) has announced this voluntary recall as this message has caused confusion and concern among our customers. Furthermore, the two lots specified were manufactured in 2018 and are no longer manufactured or distributed by Perma Blend.

The current CTL’s for Perma Blend x Tina Davies “I ❤️ Ink” Eyebrow Collection Grey and Blonde show that both products are safe and compliant according to EU standards CTL certificates can be found HERE.

The CTL lab is globally recognized as the gold standard in testing and we strongly encourage artists to reference the most recent CTL certificates for all of our Perma Blend x Tina Davies “I ❤️ Ink” pigments for the most accurate information regarding our products.

The safety of our products is our # 1 priority. We have always been and remain to be fully-committed to transparency in manufacturing the highest-quality pigments that are held to the highest international standards of safety.

From the CTL certification of our pigments to the high-level, medical-grade ISO 13485 certification of our facilities, we firmly stand behind the integrity of our products and processes and will continue to go above and beyond, in every aspect, to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of our products.


Thank you,