If you are a certified permanent makeup artist looking to elevate your skills and learn how to easily select the right color for your client using our I LOVE INK pigments, this class is for you.

In this exclusive colour selection class, Tina Davies dispels confusion about colour selection. Completely change the way you think about colour theory. Make colour selection quick and easy- no more guesswork! Tina simplifies it all in this comprehensive online course, eliminating the need to mix or modify pigments. You’ll finally be able to work with the utmost confidence and cut your working time in half. 

This Course Includes:

  • Unlimited online access from any device
  • HD Video, written material, quizzes and real life examples plus bonus material
  • Working with both the Tina Davies x Permablend Original Eyebrow Collection and the NEW Sunset Eyebrow Collection
  • Learn to colour match the full lineup of 10 Tina Davies x Permablend Eyebrow Colours
  • Healed Examples, Colour Correction, Quizzes, Technique, FAQs and more
  • Earn your certificate of completion, signed by Tina 
  • A surprise graduation gift from Tina!


*DISCLAIMER: This material is intended for certified Permanent Makeup Professionals and is not a substitute for formal training.  

Get ready to elevate your skill with Tina's best tips.


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