Perfect for the newly graduated permanent makeup artist, our Essential 18 U Needle Nano Microblade is especially designed with artists in mind. With its flexi-needle and super-fine nano blade, the Essential 18U achieves beautiful, crisp, and precise hair strokes.

We believe every artist deserves the best, and that complete safety should not be out of reach for any artist. Our essential blades offer the best of everything- quality, precision and the superior safety of an EO gas sterilized disposable microblade at an affordable price.

With Tina Davies Essential you get it right, from the start.



    Protective Cap:

    • Each 18 U Needle Nano Microblade comes with a protective cap so that the needles do not get damaged while in transit. Each cap has a tiny hole at the top so that EO gas can still reach and sterilize the needles.

    Needle Info:

    • We make all of our microblading needles using only surgical grade 316 stainless steel.  This is the highest quality stainless steel available. Our needles are sharp and consistently of high quality. Each microblade is inspected at least 3 times before it reaches any of our artists. 18mm gauge nano blades make for the finest strokes and are the ideal tools to add to your tool kit to produce the most delicate and realistic strokes. Our needles are set at a 30 degree angle for optimal pigment application and ergonomics. Essential Nano needles are encased in a white plastic wrapper, creating a flexible construction.
    • Handle Info:

      The contoured handle, shorter in length than our signature microblades, enables you to stay comfortable and be precise. The angled end is ideal to apply pigment over your fresh strokes.

    Sterilization and Packaging:

    • Each 18 U Needle nano microblade comes in its own sterilized blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date and expiration date. Our blister packs are durable ensuring that your product will arrive in perfect condition.
    • Each blister pack is EO gas sterilized, and features a sterilization indicator that changes color from pink to gold once the microblade has been placed through the EO gas sterilization process. A sterilization report is also included in each box.
    • Each 18U nano microblade blister pack offers great added value with the included stick-on ruler and pigment ringThe sticky ruler allows you to measure directly on your client to easily find the center point that lines up on the bridge of the nose. The pigment ring holds your pigments in place for a much faster way to dip your blade or machine into the ink rather than going back and forth between your tray and the client. 
    • There are 8 microblade packs per box.