One and Done: Which Microblades Do I Need?

If you’re a newer artist that was trained to use multiple microblades for one procedure, this tip is going to be a game-changer for you. 

We’ve had so many new artists reach out to us saying they’ve been trained to use multiple blades for one procedure either because:

1) The needles start to dull out.

2) They need multiple needles to create various parts of the brows. 

Not only can this be very costly for artists just starting out, but could end up making your work inconsistent. If you work with the right tools, they will perform consistently, save you time and money, and most importantly, give your clients the best results.  

With Tina Davies blades, you can find the perfect needle to suit your design goal and you'll only need one. Our needles are made of the highest surgical-grade stainless steel and are chosen for their pristine quality and sharpness. Due to this, you will never need more than one microblade to create the hair strokes you desire or worry about one going dull during a procedure. Keep reading to find out more about each needle and what eyebrow styles they’re designed for. As always, you will need to watch your pressure and adjust it accordingly throughout the procedure so as not to cut the skin too deeply. 

A Guide to Tina Davies Blades:

9 Classic: 

For thinner/narrower brow designs. The tip is small and pointed, allowing the most control and precision.

14 Curved:

For thicker, wispier brows to give you the coverage you need without sacrificing speed. Work off the midsection of this needle for perfect, crisp strokes.

U Needle:

Allows you to easily turn your wrist to make those curvy strokes. Always work off the outer edges of this needle (as opposed to the centre) for the easiest turns.

19 Shader:

Use the 19 Shader for more depth and saturation through the middle of the brow, while keeping crisp, fluffy hair strokes on the edges. This is an advanced tool, recommended for experienced artists.

Not sure which of our blades you prefer? Try them all!

This sampler pack is a great choice for new artists, schools, and trainers. Each pack has eight microblades total: two 9 Classic, two 14 Curved, two U Needle and two 19 Shaders.

16 Curved

The 16 Curved Microblades are similar to the 14 Curved Signature Microblades and can be used in designs for thinner or thicker brows.

18 U

The 18 U Microblades are similar to the 14U Signature Microblades and can be used for those who prefer curvier strokes for any brow shape.

Cheat Sheet

We created a simple cheat sheet to help you choose your blades for every procedure. 

Want to know more?

Did you know we have a NEW and IMPROVED Blade and Shade online course by Tina Davies? In this course, we show you how to use the 9 Classic, 14 Curved, 14 U Needle and 19 Shader on a real live client during one of Tina’s procedures. 

As well of this, you’ll see:

  • Additional video demonstrations
  • More images including HEALED RESULTS
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, worksheets and more
  • Over 10,000 NEW words to enhance your education
  • Challenging quizzes throughout the course to boost your learning
  • Tina answers your most asked questions


What are your favourite blades to use during your procedures and why? Let us know in the comments below xo

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies