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Before  I LOVE INK was created, artists were dealing with day-to-day struggles such as retention, fading and healing with their PMU pigments. This widespread issue was not only limiting the artist and their results, but making clients lose confidence and distrust the PMU industry. But before something could be changed, research had to be done, theories created, and an array of testing different formulas to be conducted. From this long-standing issue with pigments, Tina set out to create a solution that would solve the artists’ struggles once and for all, safely and effectively.  After 2 years of testing in the skin, I LOVE INK was born, and artists all over the world are now starting to experience the massive transformation in their work and their customer satisfaction.


What makes  I LOVE INK  stand out is not only about the incredible healed results that artists are getting from it, but the extreme ease-of-use by which it was designed. No more guesswork, no more mixing and modifying AND, included is a revolutionary color chart which depicts client types and gives you an easy on-hand reference guide so that you can feel confident in choosing the best color for your client, being free to focus on your art.

This must-have reference guide for your I LOVE INK pigment offers easy, hassle-free color selection all in one page. It’s also a great presentation tool to use during your consultations.

For more guidance on color selection, watch the Beauty In Color tutorial.

This color chart is heavy-duty and wrinkle-proof. Laminated for your convenience, it’s also durable and stain-proof.  

Ordering single pigment bottles? This laminated color chart is a great tool to have on hand.


  • Models matched to pigment colors: Use the picture references to help identify the suitability of each color for various skin tones. These are just some examples.
  • Detailed color information: This description tells you exactly the light-to-dark value including the base tone of the color such as yellow or orange. It also gives you guidance on the type of outcome clients may be looking for to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.
  • Recommendations for skin tones: This is a snapshot of which colors are recommended for various skin tones:  fair, pink, beige, olive, caramel, dark brown and brown-black.
  • Guide for old PMU cover-up: Refresh old PMU that has turned orange, red, green, blue or purple. First, choose your target color and check this chart for suitability. Note:  Old PMU must be unsaturated and faded by a minimum of 50% for a successful cover-up. 
  • Color swatches for in-person matching: These swatches display the drawdown of each color and were specifically placed at the bottom of the sheet so you can hold it up against the client's forehead to envision which color will suit your client best.
  • CI listing of each color:  quickly check the Color Index numbers of each color

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