FADE Results Over Time

The Evolution of FADE

The buzz around achieving the “perfect brow” has never been louder, and the hype around PMU is still rising. With clients craving a brow upgrade that’s “theirs, but better,” it’s our job to make those dreams come true. As artists, we’re the architects of these brow dreams, committed to crafting a long-lasting “brow-mance” with our clients.

Imagine having the freedom to opt for a fresh PMU brow without a lifetime subscription to a single shape or color. It's no wonder artists have been increasingly on the lookout for top-notch pigments that play nice with the skin, giving us the flexibility to freshen up our clients' brows every few years.

And that’s precisely why we developed FADE! These pigments are not just any ordinary colors; they're the ticket to a softer, natural version of the original color as time goes by. FADE is where flexibility meets finesse for the ultimate long-term brow game.

Step into the realm of versatile brow beauty with FADE, our newest, revolutionary pigment line. As artists worldwide embrace the transformative power of these pigments, we're on a mission to unveil the secrets behind their healed magic.

Have you been wondering how FADE looks over time?

Dive into this small sampling of healed case studies, where seasoned professionals share their personal experiences and insights, empowering you to incorporate FADE into your kit.

Beyond the Palette

Our new FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection is a hybrid line of pigments that is comprised of mainly inorganic ingredients. This line is fully EU REACH compliant. These pigments will gently fade into a softer version of the original color within 12-24 months in most applications however, results will vary depending on client and technique.

FADE is ideal for artists and clients who want beautiful eyebrows without committing to a lifelong shape or color. This provides clients with the convenience of waking up with beautiful brows and also the flexibility to change their brows over time once the pigment fades. Suitable for any brow technique, these pigments are the definition of versatile! With values from light, medium, dark, and deep and temperatures of warm, neutral, and cool - this carefully curated palette of 8 versatile colors gives our FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection a comprehensive range of colors without overwhelming choices.

Say goodbye to the rainbow surprise! These pigments are crafted with precision, featuring internally-corrected ingredients that keep your brows from turning orange, red, grey, or any unexpected hue.

With FADE, you and your clients can enjoy long-lasting stability and resistance to color shifts over time. We've handpicked color ingredients with compatible stability and high lightfastness, ensuring each color stays consistent over time, even as it gracefully fades.

Discover a wealth of color knowledge with free access to Redefining Color: The FADE Color Course where Tina will personally walk you through all of the information you will need to know to confidently use FADE pigments. Eliminate guesswork, improve your confidence, and cut your working time - for your best results yet.

Check out the trailer below!

Learn more about the collection, including a breakdown of color ingredients, lightfastness explained, how to choose the right color, and more all in this blog:
Introducing: FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection

Real Cases, Real Transformations

Case Study #1: Antony Turner

With over a decade of experience as an artist, instructor, and Watch Me Work Master Artist, Antony Turner is not new to PMU, but he was once new to FADE; drawn to its unique blend of flexibility and stability. Tailoring each treatment to reflect his client's unique style and personality, Antony's results have a lasting, life-changing impact. Now, let's delve into one of his early client cases, where his mastery with FADE unfolds in a perfect harmony of innovation and artistry. Let's break down one of his early client cases.

Client profile & skin type
Antony’s client, Mel, is an active gym-goer and busy mother of two. Her PMU goals were very realistic, centering around relief from the daily task of penciling in her brows.

A skin analysis determined Mel to be a Fitzpatrick 3 with normal skin, minimal imperfections, and small pores. Antony sought to achieve a soft, natural look with a smooth, sleek ombré (his signature) while balancing a slight asymmetry.

Antony’s approach & color choice
Since Mel was wary of a long-term, bold result, Antony reached for the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection, ultimately settling his client’s fears with the assurance that these pigments will deliver gentle, visible fading over time. He chose Medium Warm Brown for a soft, warm heal to perfectly compliment Mel’s skin tone and a PIXL 0.35mm 1RL LT Needle Cartridge for the whole procedure.

Acknowledging Mel's apprehension about long-lasting boldness, Antony confidently turned to the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection, ensuring his client that these pigments promise a gradual, gentle fade over time. The chosen color of Medium Warm Brown perfectly complemented Mel's skin tone. Armed with a PIXL 0.35mm 1RL LT Needle Cartridge, he layered pixels in quickly and easily.

“I work very systematically. Every decision I make is methodically thought out and chosen down to experience. Once the shape is pre-drawn and agreed upon, I outline softly to transfer the shape from pencil to pigment. Then using a whip technique I space my whips sparsely adding layers to achieve my desired saturation. I used a 2 pass method on Mel to not oversaturate as I would rather have the conversation with a client that her brows are too light than too dark as you can always add more but can’t take away.“

Healed results
At the initial touch-up, Mel's heal was nothing short of impressive – revealing soft, warm, evenly layered, and symmetrical brows. Antony took the opportunity to refine the shape and add an extra layer of color. By further defining the outline and sharpening the tails, he brought Mel's brows to life, ensuring not just satisfaction but pure delight in the mirror. Mel's journey with Antony and FADE exemplifies the perfect fusion of expertise, reassurance, and a touch of artistic flair.

Case Study #2: Ramona Krusinskiene

Ramona Krusinskiene is an instructor on The Collective and internationally recognized artist and trainer who brings her artistic flair and precision to every client. Originally from Lithuania and based in Scotland, Ramona has won numerous PMU competitions and certainly earned herself a stellar reputation for her expertise.

Client profile & skin type
For this case, Ramona introduces us to her client, Elise, a vibrant individual with thin and unevenly shaped brows, coupled with slightly sensitive skin. Elise's goals were clear – to thicken her brows, bring them closer to the middle, and achieve a better overall shape while maintaining a natural look that goes unnoticed by others. With Fitzpatrick 2 sensitive and porous skin, Ramona navigated the challenge of creating natural results while considering Elise's skin type.

Ramona’s approach & color choice
Ramona opted for the FADE Pigment Eyebrow Collection, aiming for soft and natural-looking results that she could refresh easily for years to come. She chose Medium Warm Brown, suited to balance Elise's cool skin tone and warm hair. Warm pigments provide the extra insurance to prevent cool healing. Ramona opted for a nano hairstroke technique, ideal for creating a natural and fluffy look, especially for clients with more sensitive skin types.

Ramona's technical approach involved a strategic action plan to add natural thickness to Elise’s brows. She started with a detailed pre-draw, making sure to lay out the pattern of the hair strokes with pencil first. This is a great tip to deliver realistic expectations to your client for the final result and also provide a guide to follow For the needle configuration, Ramona reached for the PIXL 8U CF Needle Cartridge. With 8 needles in a curved flat configuration, it’s perfect for drawing hairstrokes. She utilized etching and long, steady whipping techniques to add fullness and texture to the brow for a natural, fluffy look.

“Always work on a dry skin. If you don't dry the area after cleaning it, the cleanser or body fluids will make the skin slippery. Working on a wet area can water down the color and make it challenging to get a good stretch."

Healed results
Ramona’s overall attention to detail and technique resulted in an impressive heal in time for the initial touch-up, showcasing soft, warm, and evenly layered brows. At this time, Ramona reinforced the strokes, added shading for more definition, and took the time to educate Elise on the need for yearly top-ups to maintain her desired appearance. Elise's journey with Ramona and FADE pigments serves as a testament to the seamless blend of artistry and innovation. She anticipates seeing this client again for a touch-up around the 1 - 1.5 year mark.

Case Study #3: Jasmine Diebelius

Next up is Jasmine Diebelius, a seasoned PMU artist from the UK who happens to be both an instructor on The Collective and a PRO Team alumni! With over eight years of experience and a global presence as an educator, speaker, demonstrator, and judge, Jasmine has left an indelible mark on the industry. Her commitment to her clients and students is reflected in every procedure she undertakes.

Client profile & skin type
In this case, Jasmine shares the journey of her client, Michelle. Michelle has beautifully ashy salt and pepper hair and clear expectations for a natural, look. Since this client doesn't wear heavy makeup daily, Jasmine decided on a natural, hairstroke-style nano brow. Her goals were to obtain a subtle enhancement of her natural hair growth with a sleek, classic style rather than a bold, fluffy look.

Jasmine’s approach & color choice
Michelle's mature and normal skin type presented unique considerations. Jasmine chose the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection to craft Michelle's brows for strokes that will soften over time, offering the long-term flexibility that Michelle was looking for, especially since mature skin tends to take color all too well due to the thinner nature of the skin. Opting for Medium Neutral Brown, Jasmine aimed for a neutral-ashy result to complement Michelle's hair color.

Jasmine's needle choice, a combination of PIXL 0.30mm 1RL LT & 3RL LT Needle Cartridges, showcases her versatile expertise. The first pass with the single needle focused on implantation, while the second pass with the 3RL added thickness and saturation while reducing trauma on Michelle's mature skin, ensuring a reliable heal.

Healed results
The initial session was a success, with both Jasmine and Michelle pleased with the level of retention, color, and shape. As expected, a minor touch-up addressed gaps and added additional strokes, maintaining Michelle's sleek and classic preference. Jasmine anticipates seeing Michelle again in around 15 months for a yearly top-up session, ensuring her client's satisfaction and the longevity of these beautifully crafted brows.

Case Study #4: Tina Davies

And last but not least, let’s explore my own case study! Hopefully you know me, but if not - I’m Tina Davies. I actually stumbled into PMU in 2000 when I got my own eyeliner done, and after training and countless hours of practice, I became hooked on the idea of providing PMU solutions for others. Over 20 years and 5000 clients later, I've learned invaluable lessons about skin and PMU's long-term effects. I think that's why I love making new products as I've walked a thousand miles in the artist's shoes.

Client profile & skin type
My 45-year-old client, Rachel, is a fair-skinned redhead who never wears makeup. She's noticing that her brows are starting to thin out and wants some sort of definition, but, she is really afraid of her brows looking too bold or too “done”. She's nervous about the procedure, yet is sure wants a maintenance-free look. During our consultation, I realized that she needs a minimal amount of definition, with little baby steps toward the concept of PMU brows.

Tina’s approach & color choice
I chose to use FADE as it's an inorganic, hybrid pigment that will fade into a softer version of the original color in 12-18 months. I wanted Rachel to have flexibility as she was very nervous about having PMU in the first place. Since FADE will soften over time, it would not be a super long commitment for her. She can come back for more when she's ready!

Rachel lacked overall shape, color, and definition to her brows and face. Since her brows were so weak and short in length, I also needed to extend the length with a gentle lift at the arches to brighten her eyes. Her skin type is F1-2, so I already expected it to be on the thinner side. Since she has a cool undertone, a warm-based pigment is absolutely necessary to prevent her from ashing out. We looked at the color chart together and instantly knew she needed the lightest color - Light Warm Blonde.

In my design process, I always freehand the eyebrow design, as this allows me to focus on her overall look without getting caught up in measurements. Using the Pro Silk Pencil, I used her own brow hair and brow bone as my guideline to sketch out a natural look. From the first look in the mirror, she was comfortable with the shape and was ready to get her new brows!

I wanted to build light to mid-level definition but only with hairstrokes to leave negative space. Our goal was to prevent her results from looking dense or saturated. This was really important as part of starting her off with baby steps. Since Rachel's skin is of the sensitive type, I knew I had to get in and get out to minimize trauma to her skin. I chose to use my U Needle Microblade and do a method I call one-pass microblading. With this approach, I focused on making extremely precise and "depth-correct" strokes that hit the dermis to make each stroke count without going over it a second time. Starting at the front, I placed each stroke in an upward pattern, and cascading down as I reached the end. As expected, her skin showed pin-point bleeding with each stroke. Her skin took the color well and I was able to see each hairstroke clearly.


Healed results
Rachel returned after 8 weeks for a follow-up, and her results were fantastic. The color had healed to a very soft and light blonde/brown with no hints of ash. Her level of color retention was approximately 50%. It looked like a soft shadow and the perfect amount of soft, undetectable definition that she requested. You can't even tell she's had PMU! The hairstrokes were very soft and natural.

We were both really happy with the healed color and shape, and Rachel had grown accustomed to her new look. At the follow-up, she decided she didn't want to add anything or make changes, so we left them as they were, and I asked her to return in a year for a color boost.

FADE’s soft touch had her hooked on PMU! When she returned just over 1 year later, approximately 70% of the color had faded just as anticipated, and she was ready for more.

Thanks to FADE, I can’t wait to keep maintaining this beautiful client connection, year after year, as we continue to enhance her natural beauty with each visit!

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies