Escape from appointment hell

 Are you running your business or is your business running you?

Between all the Facebook, Instagram, text messages, voicemails and emails, I was on the verge of a  breakdown trying to juggle all my client messages.  It was normal for me to spend 2-3 hours a day just trying to get back to customers.

But all that changed once I started using software.

Besides getting an assistant, one of the best things I ever did was install an online booking system on my website that enabled clients to book, cancel, confirm, and reschedule their own appointments so I could have more time to focus on my art and less on administrative duties. 

Now, 50% of my customers book online now and it's kept my business running smoothly.  

Yes, it takes time to learn and set up, not to mention that YOU will need to release the control freak within you and allow software to handle your bookings.

I tested and researched for 4 months and trialed 5 different providers and the one that suited my needs is called Ovatu. Due to their excellent customer support, features, and pricing. Note: this was a very difficult and time-consuming task but I needed to marry the right software that I could trust my business to and this was the one!

The one thing that Ovatu did for me that NOBODY else could come close to doing was migrate ALL my old client and sales data from my previous provider so I would not lose one ounce of information. To me, this was the most valuable feature.

Ovatu's software allows:

  • Clients to book/cancel or change their appointments -Allow your customers to book online from your Ovatu mini-site, Facebook page or even your own website. Collect online payment during the booking process.
  • A deposit to be collected upfront by credit card - Don't worry about losing money on last minute no-shows anymore.
  • Send text and email reminders - Automate your SMS and email reminders. Full customization of the reminder content and even receive replies and confirmations. Make no-shows a relic of the past!
  • Upload pictures - Easily upload client photos straight from your cell phone! 
  • Marketing newsletters - Send out holiday greetings or birthday messages through the platform. 
  • Gift certificates - Suggest your client gets one for their mom or sister who is dying to have microblading done! 
  • Forms - Have all of your client intake forms online or email them directly to your client to fill out and send back to you prior to their appointment.
  • Receipts - It's one less thing you have to print, and you can do your part for the environment by easily emailing your client their receipt. 
  • Collecting reviews - Collect client reviews by automatically sending them a follow-up email after their appointment.
  • Run reporting - Get real-time financial reports
  • Scheduling of classes - Use Ovatu for scheduling not only your client appointments, but your training courses as well. 
  • And much, much more

Bonus: It only $15 a month!

Reach out to and check out their Facebook page for all their latest features.


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- Tina Davies