BLUSH IT: Just What a Girl Needs

Now that you have been introduced to our lip collections LUST and ENVY, you know that our new I 💋 INK  Lips offering is not just a product, it’s a new way to do lip blushing procedures. With its kiss-proof satin finish, it’s the perfect girl accessory that will outlast any lunch or workday.

The process comprises 4 steps - TRY IT, DRAW IT, INK IT and BLUSH IT.

The ‘TRY IT’ step elevates your consultations and helps your client to visualize the colour using our LIP BLUSH STAINS.

With the ‘BLUSH IT’ step, your clients can take home the matching lip blush stain and boost up their lips for that oh-so-pretty look!

Our LIP BLUSH STAINS are formulated to perfectly match each Lip Pigment and Lip Pencil in twelve modern shades. Once your client’s lips are healed, they can boost their healed results with the satin-smooth, highly-pigmented formula whenever the mood strikes.

During these times, we’ve sure enjoyed the makeup-free look, but a little lip blush sure goes a long way. When we look good, we feel good!


We already know that tattoos fade over time due to sun exposure, wear and tear and daily life. Right when a lip blushing procedure ends, our client’s lips are at 100% colour intensity.


Immediately before (left) and immediately after (right) a lip blushing procedure by Tina Davies using ‘Dusty Pink’ and ‘Wine’ (90/10). 

‘Dusty Pink’ & ‘Wine’ (90/10) fully healed 30 days post-procedure. The effect is softer and more natural-looking - perfect for daytime/no-makeup looks! 

All twelve Lip Blush Stains swatched!

Pro tip: Use a LIGHT LAYER of the lip blush stain for sheer coverage or a THICKER LAYER for a more intense, high-gloss effect. 

Healed lips with two coats of DUSTY PINK Lip Blush Stain applied. 


Here are two ways that you can incorporate this step into your business:

GIVEAWAY a matching lip blush stain for every lip blush procedure you do.

Why? Because clients LOVE free stuff. You’ll already have taken care of them and by giving them the product for free (or included in the price of your lip procedure) it will serve as a bonus that they’ll be sure to tell their friends about. Think of it as an investment that will make your client’s experience worth 5 stars. It’s little gestures like this that boost client loyalty and, in turn, more bookings and word of mouth exposure (excuse the pun)!

DISPLAY AND SELL lip blush stains in your studio.

Most of us are attracted to shiny things - just like magpies! When clients come to your studio for a permanent makeup procedure, utilize their waiting time as an opportunity to sell your lip blush stains by creating an eye-catching merchandise stand for your office or waiting area.

I like to call ours the ‘Blush Bar’. Use the box that the lip collections come in or even a cupcake stand to display your products. Get creative!

In my studio, I have mixed pigments with water and dispensed them into pretty perfume bottles to stand alongside our lip blush stain range.

This is displayed on a cupcake stand so that our clients can see every single shade available to them. It’s eye-catching enough that almost every single client that comes in asks about it, and I can use this as an opportunity to sell the products AND the lip blushing service. 

Lip Blush Stains displayed as a ‘Blush Bar’ in Tina Davies Studio

Lip Blush Stains in ‘NUDE’. 

As well as this, we’ve created a printable LIP BLUSH SWATCH CHART that you can download, print and swatch each lip blush stain to show your clients what each shade looks like swatched on a pretty sheet. Laminate this and keep it in your studio as an easy colour reference!

Download your Lip Blush Swatch Chart HERE

Now you have more information on the BLUSH IT step of our TRY IT, DRAW IT, INK IT and BLUSH IT process. Along with that, you have some new ways to boost your sales.

Get a set for yourself and let’s get blushing! 

Buy your lip blush stains HERE and see what all the rage is about!

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