Why Trainers Need the Sterile Kit

Imagine you’re a student - Now imagine having invested a substantial amount of money into a microblading training course expecting to get both quality training and equipment to start your permanent makeup career, only to be disappointed by the use of tricky craft handles and mediocre instruments that you can barely feel confident with when you do those first intimidating set of clients.

Students are already overwhelmed and need to have a system that is easy and take any headaches away.  

We get calls, emails, and messages from brand new artists constantly expressing their frustration and confusion around where to get the right supplies and tools that they feel confident using on models and clients.

Now, as a trainer, you have a great course to train and equip the next generation of permanent makeup artists with, but the setup, organization, and ordering of these frequently used disposables is a huge production in itself. It often takes you half a day just to get organized, not to mention the re-ordering a storage of a ton of disposable supplies.

Let’s face it- training is getting competitive and you will want to set your training apart and show your students that your courses are superior because you invest in their education by using good products.

A great experience for your students will equal more retention and repeat business for you as set the bar high for your standards.  

The Disposable Sterile Kit was designed and invented to take the headache out of the prep for any PMU procedure by curating the best products for maximum efficiency. 

16 of the best disposables you’ll ever need

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons Trainers can benefit from using the Disposable Sterile Kit for their PMU training courses:


  • Sterile

    Our Disposable Sterile Kits come not only equipped with everything you’ll need to complete a PMU procedure, but they are sterilized by EO GAS and completely disposable. This affirms for students that sterilization standards in our industry are so important and can not be overlooked. Everything that a PMU Artist or microblading artist uses on their client should be one-time use. By starting your students off on the path to using trusted, sterile disposable tools and accessories is going to help elevate your academy, our industry and make PMU safer for both artists and clients.



    Do you need cotton swabs, ruler, headbands, gloves, gauze? The sterile kit includes every disposable tool that an artist would use in any procedure. Not only is this great for your students, it’s great for you. You don’t have to source these tools and instruments from multiple vendors and put the packages together for the students anymore. You can literally just order as many sterile kits as you need, and your students will be equipped with just about everything right in front of them! This saves you time, money and the headache of stocking and sourcing. 

    Click Here to learn about all 16 components that make up the Sterile Kit.


  • Easy Setup

    Artist to artist, setting up for one procedure is time-consuming enough, to say the least, when most importantly, you need to be focusing on the procedure at hand and the art of the eyebrows.

    Now multiply that work and time by an average class size of 4-8 beginner artists.  Organization is key when managing classes and the Sterile Kits save you precious time and money.

    The setup of the Sterile Kit is beyond easy. Just order the number of kits you need for your course, when they arrive they are all individually packaged and pre-sterilized by EO GAS.

    If you’re traveling or training off-site, the transportation and setup of the Sterile Kits is a no-brainer and will make your training setup a breeze. Packing and organizing has literally been reduced to 1 minute.

    See our sterile kit unboxing video below: 


  • Subscription

    Teach every month? You can easily set up a subscription plan for our sterile kits, and based on higher volume subscriptions you can receive discounts on your total order quantity.  Do you use our microblades for training as well?  Now you can add the Sterile Kits to your subscription. Save money, get free shipping, and never miss an order with our subscription plans.

    As a trainer, your top priority is to prepare the next generation of permanent makeup artists for their careers. By using the Disposable Sterile Kit, you’ll be set up so fast with a kit for each student and model and improve the overall quality of training so that you can focus on what you do best:  leading by example.

    Included set-up tray to stay organized and tidy  (note: microblades and machine not included)

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