The 'How-To Guide' and how it came to be

Whether you’re a brand new microblading artist, an artist with hundreds of procedures under your belt, or a client looking for a microblading procedure, our guide has something for you.

Five years ago, before microblading became the hot topic it is today, PMU artists switching over to this technique were starved for information. It was still in its infancy so learning to find your flow, master your technique and finding quality tools that would perform was hard to come by. Social media wasn’t quite where it is now either, and artists who did learn little tips and tricks weren’t willing to share it with their competition.

It was around that time, I started to share my work and findings. Because I had been working with skin and was a PMU vet already, I quickly adopted and transitioned into microblading and was able to test and apply my theories during this growth phase of microblading, when everyone was still trying to find their ground. I would share my findings, struggles and tips on social media and artists from all around the world would message me to mentor them or ask for advice. I started to notice that so many artists struggled with the same issues. That’s how my microblades, my all-encompassing blog, my tips, resharing of other artists work, and the amazing whirlwind of the past 3 years started: It grew out of pure NEED.

Which brings us to today, and why we created the ‘How-To Guide’...

Everyday my team and I get tons of questions from you looking for more information on how to elevate your skills, how to microblade better, how to shade better, and ways to improve your results. So we came up with the Microblading How-To Guide!

In a collection of our existing blog posts and articles, the How-To Guide walks you through essential steps, mindset and know-how of being a Permanent Makeup artist. Whether you’re thinking about taking a training course and what to look for, or if you’re an established artist looking to improve your stretch, depth, and technique for lasting healed results - this guide is your new holy grail.

With so much conflicting information out there now with 2-day microblading courses, and every artist sharing incorrect information on social media, the How-To Guide is the easy, start-to-finish handbook for artists everywhere.

After so much research, trial and error, and collaboration with other artists, this Guide is a culmination of 17 years of experience that will help you shorten your learning curve, improve your work, and separate fact from fiction Read it. Implement it. Grow from it. You’ve got this!

What is included in the How-To Guide?

The How-To Guide is always evolving and we’re constantly adding more and more value that you can take into practice with you. From beginning to end, you’ll learn how to become a better artist, run a better business, and create a long-lasting career in an ever-growing industry. All you have to do now is pick a step, and get ready to elevate your game!

Click here to explore all of the steps in The How-To Guide

xo, Tina

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies