Case Study 7: Trichotillomania Correction

I ❤️Ink color correction on Trichotillomania Case

Today, I’m sharing a challenging case with you that speaks to the confusing art of color correction.

This range has made my correction work so straightforward- there’s no need to try and be a chemist and mix so many colors in order to neutralize and color-correct.

Personally, I feel the word “modifiers” have been overused in our industry. You need to understand color theory FIRST as a foundation, then apply your knowledge and experience accordingly.

This was a hard case.  My client was tattooed 5 times in 3 years and told me nothing held in her skin.  She also suffers from Trichotillomania (a mental disorder characterized by a long-term urge to pulling out one's hair).  





Her skin was he a very bumpy caused by the years of picking due to Trichotillomania.  Now you know what I was up against - HARD SKIN TO TATTOO !!!

On top of that, corrections are NEVER easy.

When we inherit other people's work, we take on the responsibility of taking over the work that didn’t quite hold up to its promises.  Luckily, her previous color had faded away quite a bit which made the old color easier to hide.  It is important to only work on cover-up cases that are "hideable" and faded, otherwise the concealment could get worse and produce an unfavorable outcome.

A word of advice- don’t bite off more then what you can chew.  Corrections are advanced skills.

The I ❤️Ink colors are pre-modified and warmer and so rich so they are great to neutralize and correct issues without mixing a bunch of colors. 


High pigment load means great coverage. Now, the level of saturation will depend on how much you need to cover.



My approach is about layering the color little by little, then once neutralized, I start to play with revamping the shape.

Procedure Notes:

❤️Combo dry skin/brows 

❤️32 years old

❤️Fitz 2

❤️BLONDE and MEDIUM BROWN were used for shading at 50% dilution.

❤️Medium Brown for strokes


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