Case Study 13: Color Correction & Cover-up


Written by Tina Davies Pro Team Artist, Elaine Campin



This photo was sent to me 2 years ago by the client asking if I could help as she was getting married within the next few months.


Client's original tattooed eyebrows


I took advice from a colleague as I’d normally run in the opposite direction. Removal is my specialty but this client was appreciative of the fact it will be a long journey with no guaranteed results, so I wanted to try and help.

This photo below was after 3 xiled removal treatments and it wasn’t shifting very much at all, after taking more advice about laser, she found a good reputable laser removal clinic to do a few sessions.


After 3 xiled removal treatments


These next 2 photos are close-ups of after another 4 laser sessions, so as you can imagine they were pretty heavily saturated.


After 4 laser removal treatments


After 4 laser removal treatments


She was losing the will and time to continue to have multiple laser removal sessions before her wedding. So after another conversation with my good friend and colleague, Barbara Cameron, she encouraged me to try some colour correction as we didn’t think much more was going to lift out. Plus it was important to take into account the scar tissue caused.

I scheduled her appointment and we set to it. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do till I got in there and saw how her skin took colour.

Much to my surprise the colour I corrected with absolutely flew in. I used Apricot from Perma Blend. I did a bit of pointillism and light whip shading only on the old work as you can see in the photo below.


Left brow corrected with Perma Blend Apricot.


I decided to go straight to the target colour,  I ❤️ INK Medium Brown. This photo below is after the first pass and new shape. I worked the old shape to my advantage by keeping the fronts and top of the brow airy.

This is straight after.


Immediately after in I ❤️  INK Medium Brown

This photo is healed after one session. It’s fair to say we were both thrilled with the final healed results after a 2-year journey!


Client's healed brows


📝 Procedure Notes

🙍🏻‍♂️Caucasian woman

🖋Method: Pointillism and light whip shading

🎨 Color: I ❤️ INK Medium Brown and Perma Blend Apricot

🌸 Skin type: F2, Grape

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